Our list of satisfied clients includes large companies and mom-and-pop
shops, international business clients and private individuals.
Our experience and professionalism guide every case, no
matter how big or small.

Banker Trust can provide you with a genuine US street address
that is unique to you. This is not a P.O. Box but a your own street
address that US retailers and others will accept as a valid destination.

For a small annual fee, you may use this address to forward all your
letters and packages. Once they arrive in our office in Sosua, you will
be alerted by email or phone that you've got mail and the items are
ready to be picked up.

          Banker Trust eliminates the difficulties encountered
          purchasing from retailers outside the Dominican                          

Often many retailers will not ship overseas and when they do, the
shipping charges are very high. We offer low cost shipping rates for both
inbound and outbound mail and packages.       

Don't have a credit card? No problem. We will facilitate any
online purchase you would like to make using our company
credit card. You simply tell us the specifics of what you want,
pay for it, we order it, you pick it up at our office when it

               Take advantage of cheap U.S. magazine
               rates not available internationally. Establish a US                    
                business presence from abroad. We can create a
               virtual office for you in the Dominican Republic.

               Shop on eBay, Amazon and other popular retailers
               that will only ship to a U.S. address.

Call us at (809) 571-4622 to get a mail membership and start shopping
now with Amazon:
“I've saved lots of money with Banker Trust.
The mail service I used before charged me a
fortune to bring in mail and packages. Now,
besides the savings, I'm served in a friendly
manner. "
Susan, Sosua
Banker Trust
We provide solutions in the
Dominican Republic
Mail, Freight and Courier Service
We offer courier
service inside and
outside of the
country too.

Cargo & Freight - Our customs agents are licensed and accredited. You will not
experience any hidden costs or last minute surprises with us. The combination of our highly personalized
approach to customizing each relocation coupled with the ability to respond with speed and flexibility to the many
unpredictable situations that can arise during an overseas relocation makes Banker Trust your best choice. We
are committed to providing 'World Class Service' to each and every
customer.  We go anywhere, anytime.

                                             We can ship your freight - apparel and related components, like                                
                                       cotton, yarn, buttons, zippers, pharmaceuticals and medical
                                             equipment devices, refrigerated perishables and frozen goods,
                                             construction equipment (project cargo), and cargo of all kinds.
                                             No matter how large or small the freight, one-off or a regular
                                             consignment, we can manage the entire process - freeing
                                             you from the time consuming arrangements necessary
                                             for successful deliveries.


International & Domestic Courier (Hand Carry) Service - We offer courier service inside the Dominican Republic
and can arrange courier service to anywhere in the world.

We pick up and delivery:

Documents & Plans                           Lightweight Goods                        Sensitive electronics

Small parts                                       Checks/Gold/Jewelry/Cash            Escort

                    Children, men, women, elderly and pets anywhere all over the world.

                                                      SPECIAL SERVICES

                            " Your trusted representative, eyes and ears worldwide"

We can:

Deliver & recollect signatures of sensitive papers or messages.

Take pictures & write reports.

Document & inspect physical properties.

Follow your instructions to check the progress of a project.

Inspect cargo containers or shipments of goods and material on your behalf and under your instructions.


If the total duration of the job goes over 24 hours, daily extra fees may apply.

Minimum fee is USD 1000.00

Please contact us for a quotation.
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Receiving Goods for Resale
  • International Move and
  • Heavy Equipment Importation
  • Livestock
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Prefab Housing
  • Retail Inventory
  • Exoneration (mudanza)