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Passports from The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a relatively inexpensive and simple process  
for citizenship.  For the cost involved, and the waiting period for a
passport in comparison to other countries, the Dominican Citizenship is
one of the most economical ways to obtain a legal and official second
passport. And, you don't have to relocate permanently to enjoy its
benefits. The Dominican government also permits dual citizenship,
therefore, you will not have to renounce your current passport in the

There are many valid reasons to consider acquiring an alternative
citizenship and second passport.  This new passport can expand your
legal rights, allowing world travel, unmolested by curious border guards
and nosey customs and tax officials. It can open doors that otherwise
would forever remain closed to you. Best of all, a second citizenship or
second passport can serve as the key to reducing your taxes and
protecting your assets - or even your life.

We often get questions concerning how to acquire dual citizenship and
the second passport that comes with it. Folks want to know how it can be
done, and why they should consider it.

We start by assuring them that dual citizenship is legal under American
law, as it is in many nations, and that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld
this right in several cases decades ago. And of course, if the person is
interested in “expatriation,” the formal act of surrendering U.S.
Citizenship (also a legal right), we explain that they certainly need a
second citizenship to avoid becoming a man (or woman) without a

A second nationality is a hedge against unforeseen events. It provides
the option to legally reside and work in another country that may offer
tax advantages, although this is of limited benefit to U.S. Citizens. (If
you are a U.S. Citizen or green card holder, you are still accountable to
Uncle Sam when it comes to reporting your taxes, no matter where you

Most countries require a foreigner to become a resident and live there
for an average of five years or more before they are granted citizenship.
But there is a quick route to a second passport with our VIP Dominican
Republic Passport Service.

The Caribbean jurisdiction of the Dominican Republic  wants to create
jobs, accelerate resort development and grow their tourist industries by
bringing in more money. The laws provide a foreigner with citizenship, a
new passport, and permanent residence, if desired.

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